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Our Story

“You become what you love”

Our beginning is simple, our love for discovery, nature, beauty, art and simplicity, and our passion for this wide world had to grow up with us day by day since 10 years ago.

We were just young guys waiting for any chance to discover new places, new experiences and live a different life & exploring our nature, culture & people.

During years of traveling as one family, we were able to discover most areas of Jordan & we found that there is a lot of places need to be discovered that even we didn’t imagine they are existed & because we care & love to transfer our experiments we make a commitment to our self’s to share our story, we always used to tell people about our adventures, and everyone became excited to go with us & explore the nature, sites, places & cultures in our way.

Over the years our family grew and we start to met new people & expand our family with the one we love.

We were fascinated by the love of the Bedouin life, which has a special and unique character, which carries a lot of richness because of its originality. Our love for that life prompted us to commit to introducing the world to the life of the Bedouins and we were committed to sharing it with our firm belief in cultural diversity and its great impact in creating a vibrant participatory cultural environment full of life.

6 years ago we arranged our first official trip, all our friends were there, and over the years we have now a large community that loves nature, trips and discovery.

And because life is a journey, we walked down this path and discovered how passion can become a source of income , then we became Saif and Ramzi’s team & that the base we initiate our “JoNavigators” community .

“JoNavigators” become our home, our daily job & we love to share our daily.


left his job as a business
development manager in December
2018, and continued in photographing
trips, nature and film making.


left his job as a dental lab manager
and digital installation technician , and
graduated with a French Diploma from
ENSA, and became a mountain guide.

However today every trip we make is a new day, new discovery & new adventure.

Our passion towards nature, people, and discovery is the foundation that we try hard to keep developed & well forecasted.

We are still in the beginning !
& we keep challenging our self’s motivated to make sure that we are on the right track.

You go away for a long time and return a different person – you never come all the way back

“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves;
and we travel next, to find ourselves”.


“Humans are set of experiences “

We imagine a better world through better & conscious people.

Discovery and adventure create a human’s consciousness, experience, and makes us better people. So we are passionate to make the culture of discovery and adventure as the mainstream culture.

We love to see Jordan in its variety, and diversity as an international adventure and discovery station. and this is just a small part of our contribution & commitment in creating world consciousness and changing it to something better.

We are seeking to preserve our nature & culture, and we love to leave a good impression to our guests to let them leave with love passion & memorable experience that would share it with their loved people.

In JoNavigators we are trying our best to be dynamic and reliable travel agency recognized as one of the leading travel agencies in Jordan through our commitment to client satisfactions and expectations.

“Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.”


“Hand in hand the difficulty is easy”

Our culture is a participatory culture.

For us to be an international tourist agency we try to support local communities through connecting them with the world & share their culture. working with the locals can not only support them but also let them connected with all of diverse culture around the world.

If you book a trip with us in Petra, Wadi Rum be sure that your guide will be for sure local, someone knows better how can you got the full experience. the same for the local accommodation & foods. Most of the local citizens have the craft of making souvenirs.

We are trying to expand the adventurous community in Jordan, and support the tourists that are visiting us by giving them all kind of support & making their trips easier to let them enjoy as much as possible.
We encourage people to visit Jordan and promote the adventure culture & try to spread & share our culture to the world.

Customer satisfaction & quality services is the prime target of JoNavigators you can have a comfortable trip in Jordan where in you leave all the worries to us.

Right from the arrival at the airport to personalized assistance of departure, we take care of all the needs of the travelers. just sit back & enjoy your trip with all love, and this is the thing that makes us more focused on our goals and make the world slightly better every time.

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