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The Dream Team

A dream team fueled by a shared passion for adventure. Saif, a seasoned adventurer with a background in engineering and business development, brings his expertise to the table, having previously worked at Canon. Ramzi, a graduate of the prestigious ENSA Chamonix School, boasts technical skills honed through his studies and extensive experience as a licensed guide. Haya, with her tourism management knowledge, expertly plans and curates unforgettable experiences for all skill levels. Together, they combine Saif’s photographic eye for capturing breathtaking landscapes, Ramzi’s navigational prowess from his ENSA training, and Haya’s logistical mastery to create Jonavigators – a community that unlocks the magic of the outdoors for everyone.
This dream team doesn’t just talk adventure, they live it! Whether it’s conquering a challenging mountain trek in Jordan, navigating a thrilling canyon, or simply soaking up the beauty of a hidden oasis, they relish the journey together. Their shared experiences forge a deep bond that translates into their work with Jonavigators. They understand the thrill of pushing your limits, the importance of meticulous planning, and the joy of discovering hidden gems. This firsthand knowledge ensures they craft adventures that are not only exhilarating but also safe, informative, and truly unforgettable.

Co founder/operation Manager/Guide

Ramzi left his job as an accountant and joined Saif to enjoy exploring the countryside As a licensed adventure guide from ENSA Chamonix School he spends most of his time discovering new trails and lead groups in canyons and mountains.

founder / business development / guide

After a long journey in engineering and business development, saif started to follow his passion for adventure and photography and then started Jonavigators outdoors community All the good pictures we have is saif’s He is always busy exploring a new place or guiding a group.

Being the leader of the scouts in the school what do you expect for abood ? He is the best among us in camping arrangements and the expert in wild life, whenever you are with him you feel safe.

As a tourism management graduate Haya spent years of preparation to have the full experience about adventure in Jordan Visited all the sites and went to many adventures She is now handling the logistics and operations with us Most probably you'll not see Haya, but she is the one who makes sure your trip is amazing

Yazeed is coming from a military background, so the most important things is always discipline and Safety He is the one to organize things and make sure everything is going as planned Yazeed is best in the north of Jordan