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Our Philosophy

“From Heart To Heart”

People don’t take trips, trips take people…

We believe that travel is a way of life, a journey in the consciousness of the individual. The one who travels and sees the difference, nature and culture and understands it, loves it and loves simplicity as a way of life,

his awareness increases and will have a different vision for life.

Traveling is the human first instinct and his natural behavior, Adventure is not only walking in a valley or camping in a forest,

it’s more about opening your mind to all possibilities, to accept the existence of different lifestyles, other societies, customs and concepts other than the ones you know.

Accepting that human is part of nature and not the main component of it & we have to live it by traveling & exploring new cultures, natures & traditions.

And that all the complexities of contemporary life are illusionary that can be faded by traveling.

We have dedicated our lives to discovery, experiment, learning and continuing education in order to meet our travelers need & satisfaction.

We left our tradition life style and traveled and went out to nature to learn simplicity, pure beauty, art & more about people and to be home of Jordan adventures.

Explore Jordan’s hidden gems! This Award winning adventure film, shot by JoNavigators for the Jordan Tourism Board, will ignite your wanderlust.

Great trips doesn’t just happen !

It takes a lot of experience to create & design a truly memorable trip, We believe that our obligation is to let you have the most enjoyable trip.

We know that it`s not easy when it`s come to planning for a vacation, it`s not easy to explore by yourself, and it`s not easy to take the right decision to make sure that you are doing the right planning.

Delivering thoughtful travel service is a hands-on vocation. We are devoted to building travel programs that meet our partners’ diverse requirements. That means learning everything there is to know about our travelers, combing the details of your logistical operations, and understanding your key needs.

Are you wondering how to Select places to visit, choose the itinerary, search where to stay, find restaurants that you would like, or things that you will not find on the Trip Adviser?

That’s where we step in. it’s great to talk to someone who actually knows & an expert in the field. who has been there, stayed in our hotels, try the traditional food & had the experiment in our restaurants, someone knows better how to cover all trips aspects.

If you’d like a personal travel planner to turn your ideas into an experience of Jordan, you can depend on us in order to fulfill your expectations.

Why us !

8 Years of experience made us know what you need exactly to make sure that you will have an enjoyable trip.

All of our team consider our job as a way of having fun we, share with you our love for our country, culture and people.

We guarantee that you'll come away from your “JoNavigators” experience with memories to last a lifetime.

Our passion for traveling & exploring starts with us as a group of friends with the love of exploring the cultural sties in Jordan that drive us to be experts in the field.

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8 +
Years of experience
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Happy hiker
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Why Jordan !

Jordan is the second safest country in the Arab World and 16th internationally, in a list of 115 countries.

You will have the chance to taste the traditional Jordanian & all kind of Middle East foods & desserts.

High air quality, environmentally friendly, clean water. All our streets, hotels, & vital places are clean.

We have a charming nature combined with the civilized character of cities, and we also have moderate and suitable weather in all seasons.

There are many traditions in Jordan that visitors should be aware of in order to have the most authentic Jordanian experience.

Jordanians are known for being one of the most generous Arabian people. They wholeheartedly offer you their food, homes, & help.

Our Culture

“Whoever visits Jordan, feels like he visits the whole world”

Jordan’s culture is a pleasant jumble of old and new, and Amman (its capital) has rapidly become one of the most sophisticated cities in the Middle East.

A core aspect of Jordanian culture is hospitality. The social rule of taking care of the guest originates in Bedouin tradition and is deeply embedded in the Jordanian society and customs. Every Jordanian has a natural predisposition to being kind and hospitable toward the visitor, earning Jordan a special recognition in the hospitality sector. Along with the value of hospitality and generosity, Jordan has also surprisingly managed to preserve its cultural identity and costumes.

Jordan is the difference and diversity, many climates, terrains, cultures, languages and religions

During your day in Jordan you can sit with a Bedouin, Peasant, Druze, Chechen, Circassian and an Armenian, Muslim, Christian, Jordanian, Palestinian, Syrian, and Iraqi, on the other hand you can expert the desert, mountains, valleys, city, villages, tribe and eat from many kitchens.

Beyond the rich traditional culture, new forms of music and arts are constantly growing, pushed by new generations need, and desire to create their identity halfway between the traditional values and modernity.

The paintings, sculptures, graffiti, and photography, in the streets, and numerous galleries and cafes of Amman, are all representations of Jordan’s artistic movements.

Everywhere in Jordan will be invited for cup of tea or coffee, “ Come Have Lunch With Us!” or “ Come Sleep Over” if you hear that don’t be surprised… YOU ARE IN JORDAN !

In Jordan, dealing with people is easy, so you have to be simple and easy going, don’t complicate it Jordanians love things to go smoothly & be confident that you will have Jordanian friends last for ever that will keep in touch with you & waiting for your next visit.

so prepare to be welcomed with sincerity and curiosity

In Jordan follow your heart, as it’s the only language that we understand.

We Appreciate Our Clients’ Feedbacks !

Here’s what some of our clients say about us.

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Based on 130 reviews
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guest Home Of Jordan AdventuresDarwish
04:23 25 Feb 24
I had an incredibly enjoyable experience with Jo... Navigators! The trip was beautifully organized, filled with laughter, and truly memorable. Thank you for such a fantastic journey!read more
guest Home Of Jordan AdventuresJoe Dababneh
03:58 25 Feb 24
A wonderful and friendly team , chooses the most... beautiful and safe trail for more
guest Home Of Jordan AdventuresMuntaser Abu-shokor
03:50 25 Feb 24
This group of team is so organised and well... prepared. Any experience with them is more
guest Home Of Jordan AdventuresMohammed Taher
18:51 24 Feb 24
Amazing team, knows very well what they are... doing. Keen on making every one happy enough and have a good experienceread more
guest Home Of Jordan AdventuresAhmad Saqqar
18:41 24 Feb 24
"One of the best groups I've hiked with, they are... crazy about exploring new places 👌🏽read more
guest Home Of Jordan AdventuresMarwa Awwad
12:55 17 Jul 23
I went to Wadi Al-Hassa with my family and we had... the greatest adventure. We walked through the canyon and even got to swim against the current. The food was beyond delicious. We made the best memories. The hike was very easy and enjoyable but be sure to wear hiking shoes or sandals. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants to have a good time but also would like to stay cool during the hot summer days. I would also like to commend JoNAVIGATORS for the highest level of professionalism and more
guest Home Of Jordan AdventuresZein Saket
05:08 30 Nov 21
This is my fifth hiking trip with JoNavigators,... each one was different, fun, and special in its own way. The team leading the hikes are well organized, friendly, and very well experienced, thus making sure our trip is full of adventure while staying safe and having fun at the same more

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