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highest peak in jordan um addami mountain

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Great trips doesn’t just happen !

It takes a lot of experience to create & design a truly memorable trip, We believe that our obligation is to let you have the most enjoyable trip.

We know that it`s not easy when it`s come to planning for a vacation, it`s not easy to explore by yourself, and it`s not easy to take the right decision to make sure that you are doing the right planning.

Delivering thoughtful travel service is a hands-on vocation. We are devoted to building travel programs that meet our partners’ diverse requirements. That means learning everything there is to know about our travelers, combing the details of your logistical operations, and understanding your key needs. 

Are you wondering how to Select places to visit, choose the itinerary, search where to stay, find restaurants that you would like, or things that you will not find on the Trip Adviser?

That’s where we step in. it’s great to talk to someone who actually knows & an expert in the field. who has been there, stayed in our hotels, try the traditional food & had the experiment in our restaurants, someone knows better how to cover all trips aspects.
If you’d like a personal travel planner to turn your ideas into an experience of Jordan, you can depend on us in order to fulfill your expectations.

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We Care

Our passion for traveling & exploring starts  with us as a group of friends  with  the love of exploring the cultural sties in Jordan that drive us to be expert in the field & make us one of the well respected agencies in Jordan .

By time we started arranging trips for people , not only for business ; but our love for people motivate us to give our best for the  people as much as we could to let them  enjoy their time and go back to their home countries with too many of unforgetable memories and lovely moments.

8 Years of experience made us know what you need exactly to make sure that you will have enjoyable trip & we try hard to make all of you as ambassadors to transfer your experiment to your lovely one in order to let them live the same enjoyable moments that you had.

All of our team consider our job as a way of having fun , we share with you our love for our country , culture and people .

We guarantee that you’ll come away from your “JoNavigators” experience with memories to last a lifetime.