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  /  Ramzi Hanafieh
a guide in the desert of Jordan

Ramzi Hanafieh

Co founder/operation Manager/Guide


Ramzi left his job as an accountant and joined Saif to enjoy exploring the countryside. This wasn’t just a career change, it was a lifestyle change! Fueled by a passion for adventure, Ramzi pursued his dream of becoming a licensed adventure guide at the prestigious ENSA Chamonix School. Now, as a certified guide, Ramzi spends most of his time discovering new trails, navigating canyons, and scaling mountains. He’s not just an expert in traversing these terrains, he’s passionate about sharing his love for the outdoors and his expertise with others. Ramzi creates unforgettable adventures for all skill levels, fostering a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world in everyone he guides.

Born on: October 26, 1987
Phone: +962796775773
Lives in: Amman , Jordan
Education: bachelor degree